"I have had scoliosis since I turned 12 years old, tried every possible technique such as physio, massage, acupuncture etc, but it was always temporary. I was told my scoliosis can’t improve hence I need to try to live with it. So I did until my lower back pain, spasms and sciatica started to bother me 3 years ago. Working with children especially didn’t help. One day I was browsing the internet for another alternative technique and found a great deal in chiropractic clinic with Dr Manny. I gave it a go even though I knew it was going to cost me a little bit more. It was my last cry for help. As I study nutrition myself I know how important the spine is for lots of organic nervous systems and other health conditions. After seeing my exam and chat that we can improve my posture, even improve the scoliosis, I knew that this was the place to be. After finishing my 3 months corrective programme I couldn’t be happier, my scoliosis halved, pain free, even my OCD imporved. I just wish I knew about this a long time ago and could have spared myself so much pain and stress. Dr Manny is truly committed to his patients well being and listened when concerned and shared and offered guidance and explanantion. Very professional work team, always friendly and helpful. Will miss them when finish coming every 6 months. Good luck in future."

Michaela 08.07.12

Whiplash Treatment

"My very first treatment resulted in the loosening of my sciatic nerve (right side) even though that was not initially the intended results. I literally threw away my stick and walkers. A modern day miracle. My whiplash injuries have improved to such a degree that I am now down from 3 treatments per week to one every month. X-rays have shown a reversal of my condition- the spaces between the vertebrae in my neck have widened and I am now looking forward to a complete cure. By the way I am 74. My friends have noticed a change in my posture and energy and creativity (I’ve been writing poems). I have recommended the clinic to friends."

Esther 07.07.12

"After years of sporting injuries and numerous visits to osteopaths I decided to visit Precision Chiropractic and meet with Dr Manny. The first thing I noticed was how professional and caring all the staff were and immediately felt in good hands. The consultation showed a number of issues which had plagued me for years and a schedule of treatment was put to me. Within a few weeks of programme schedule I felt 100% better as the pain and disk comfort was slowly reduced. I now am much more flexible and more importantly now understand my problems rather than just get them treated. I can’t praise Dr Manny enough and will continue to see him on a monthly basis. Many thanks to you all. Best wishes."

Neil Spinney 27.06.12

"I knew that chiropractors helped people with bad backs, but I never knew how important spinal care really is. I am 6 foot 8 so have some postural issues, but otherwise I considered myself young, fit and normal. Mary taught me about how subluxation can affect my whole body, and following a few appointments I felt incredibly good. All my minor ‘irks’ and minor illnesses have disappeared. Excellent feel great."

Philip 24.05.12

"Just being able to settle down and sleep without having to keep adjusting my position as my neck was hurting, so feeling more alive in the morning."

Sue 07.04.12

"I was diagnosed of having scoliosis after an X-Ray & Scan at the hospital last year after complaining about serious back pain & neck pain. I felt so useless and helpless and have often asked myself “is this it”, I’m I really going downhill? I felt depressed at times that I can’t do anything I used to love to do. I like attending craft classes & putting into practice when finished. I’ve also given up massage as it’s causing me more back problems. But my luck has changed. By chance I saw Dr Manny and his “staff” at St Nicholas nearly 4 weeks ago and I stopped to be “noisy!” I asked what it was all about and after explaining & a brief consultation I decided to go ahead with treatment with no idea what’s to be done with me. After an X-Ray and & Scan I started receiving the treatment and gradually I felt that my back pain has gradually improved. I have noticed that I feel and can do things again; feel much better in myself. I can focus now better on things I have to do. I even sleep better, I’m an early riser, due to my husband’s job. Now once he leaves at 5am, I can go back to sleep again, I now have to set the alarm clock in case I fall back to sleep. I am more cheerful, start my walking exercise, which I love to do and more positive in many ways. And I don’t have to take pain killers & rub ointments! These adjustments have really improved my well-being thanks to Dr Manny and Dr Mary."

Mercedes Gomez 2011

"I think Chiropractor is very good because I think I has changes me a lot. I like many, Mini Manny Marvin, Kate and Maryam they are all very helpful because I get to talk to Mini Manny and Kate when my mum and brother are having adjustments. I also like the chocolates they give me. I have been here since 2008 and really like it."

"Thank you very much for changing me."

Lauren Rance 27.03.10

"Over the months I have noticed a great reduction in symptoms- no pain killers required, can shop longer without noticing lower back pain as previous. Generally feel increased energy and mobility."

Sheila 06.04.09

"I began receiving Chiropractic treatment back in 2002. I was in terrible pain having had a prolapsed disk. Due to this I was walking awkwardly, found it difficult to get in and out of cars, going up and down steps was difficult, I could not sit down for long periods and I had lost confidence. When I had my x-rays done it was clear I also had fairly severe arthritis in my back and neck. I was devastated at the news as I was only 40 and was attempting to live a very active life bringing up 3 children and working! Needless to say I was recommended to go three times a week for chiropractic treatment! It took time but was extremely successful! Over the years I went from three times a week to twice then once and I now go once every 3 weeks. I am fully capable of living the active life I so desired. My arthritis gives me little if no trouble at all and I feel fit and healthy. I am rarely ill and if I do catch the latest cold/flue etc. I tend to recover quickly. I am delighted with the benefits of health I receive from Chiropractic Treatment and the advice given on health and fitness issues. The staff are always friendly and welcoming and I intend to continue with treatment to ensure I go through my ‘older’ years as easily as possible."

Pauline 02.04.09

"While it is too early to tell if there is any long term improvement, physically and psychologically I fell much more energetic, my headaches have all but gone and my body aches less. More than anything, the kindness and caring the staff give has been excellent. I wish I had found this service sooner! Moreover I feel much more positive about myself and my future."

Jo 30.03.09

"After having very healthy twins: 7lb 8oz & 7lb 7oz, my body started to feel very tired.  I suffered from severe migraines and sciatica. Since having treatment I have got rid of my headaches and have much more energy.  I feel the wellbeing clinic are always here to help me or my family (including my twins ages 4)."

Anita 28.03.09

"Since coming to the clinic my health is so much better. I take less tablets for headaches and shoulder pain. My sleep is much better. I can move without pain and my energy levels have increased."

Ann 28.03.09