I cannot recommend these guys enough! After suffering for quite a long time with a bad back, a work colleague recommended Manny and there has been such a difference, I am no longer having to take painkillers to go out for a walk and it feels better every time! I felt a little nervous when I first went but the team at the desk could not have been more welcoming and are always there if you need them, especially if you’re like me and forget when you have booked in! Wish I hadn’t waited so long!

Charlotte Wooller, 2nd December 2020

Dear Precision Chiropractor,

May I firstly thank all of the reception staff who are friendly, helpful and tentative to not only my needs but also my 11-year-old daughter Daisy.

You are amazing and deserve the credit that you receive and we look forward to seeing every time.

I had previously been to various other practices, all of whom do not come close to the attention to detail of Precision Chiropractic and could not have produced the results in the time scale of Mary and her team.

Mary is wonderful, caring and we were both made to feel welcome. I feel that we have made a friend for life.

I came in with a slipped disc which was trapping my sciatic nerve rendering me incapable to move and my daughter was unable to walk sufficiently following a jumping accident.

Within 3 months working with Mary, on a fortnightly basis only, my daughter is back to playing football with her alignment back to 100% perfection and totally pain free, I too myself am back to running, working in construction and completely pain free with my aligned a 90% betterment.

I honestly feel that without Precision Chiropractors help, both myself and my daughter would not be able to enjoy life the way we do now and that more damage would have been caused by less professional and knowledgeable practices, as I had witnessed previously.

I would not recommend anyone else in your field to my friends, family or strangers and although I am near 100% (we envisage this being completed within the next 3 months), I will continue to go for routine check-ups and maintenance for the remainder of mine and my daughter’s life.

We cannot thank you enough,
Nigel and Daisy

Nigel and Daisy, 7th October 2020

From a frustrated non playing golfer in constant discomfort with the ever present fear and occasional reality of back spasms to playing pain free and enjoying life again. How I wish I had listened to my friend and come to see you sooner.

Graham Farmer, 3rd August 2020

Doctor Manny Azizi is a miracle worker. I am an 88 year old great grandmother and a year ago I developed excruciating pain in my back. My GP prescribed rest and pain killers. After 3 months I was only pain free flat on my back. I could walk a few yards leaning heavily on a stick but could no longer cook or do housework. Someone suggested I see Doctor Manny. I had never heard of chiropractic and frankly thought he might be a bit of a charlatan. I was wrong. A scan and X-ray showed the cause of the problem and Doctor Manny clearly and concisely explained this and suggested a course of treatment.

After some months of twice weekly sessions lying fully clothed flat on my face my spine was painlessly and skilfully eased back into alignment by Doctor Manny. I am now pain free, walk without a stick and can walk to and from the local park in about an hour. Doctor Manny has given me my life back.

Ann Henderson, 6th July 2020

Having had long term issues with my lower back and neck which necessitated numerous operations and procedures including injections annually I was persuaded by the Professional at my golf club to try out Precision Chiropractic (Gary has referred a number of players to Precision). After sending my medical history to Doctor Manny and looking at the scans and x-rays Doctor Manny advised that discs in my neck and the discs above and below the fusion in the lower back were prolapsed (which I knew), he was concerned that Chiropractic treatment might not work and that I was probably going to require further surgery but we agreed to give it a go to try and avoid the surgery. At the time I was going through a bad episode, I had extremely poor mobility in the back and neck and was in a lot of pain including down the right arm.

For Info. I am 63 years old; the back problem goes back over 40 years and has left me with permanent nerve damage causing partial loss of mobility to the left foot (Drop Foot) and numbness to part of the leg. The neck issues are recent and cause mobility issues to the neck and right arm.

At the start of treatment, it was a struggle to get on the table let alone lay flat, Doctor Manny was very aware of the pain I was in and at the start very tentative in carrying out his treatment. To start with I was seeing him 3 times a week, it was not long before we started seeing improvements with the pain diminishing and mobility returning to the point where treatment was eventually reduced to once week and now once a fortnight.

A year after first seeing Doctor Manny. The Result:

  • I was very sceptical at first knowing how bad my condition was and the episode I was going through I was resolved to more surgery, this was avoided.
  • I have vastly reduced pain.
  • I have vastly improved mobility.
  • I can see the improvements on the follow up scans and x-rays.
  • Minor episodes have occurred but responded quickly to treatment.
  • I am a keen golfer a year ago playing off 21/20 handicap as treatment progressed mobility improved allowing for a much more fluid, relaxed and pain reduced swing resulting in competition wins (prize money!) and my handicap coming down, a year later I am now playing off 16 H/C and still improving.
  • Driving – I can now turn my head to the right to check for oncoming traffic without having to turn my whole body.
  • Sleeping has improved and I have been able to ditch the bed rolls.

I know I will never be fully recovered or pain free, and I will have further episodes, but this treatment has definitely improved my quality of life.

Thank you to Doctor Manny and the team at Precision…. and to Gary Director of Golf at Chipstead GC for persuading me.

Brian Colman, 12th May 2020

I have been coming to Precision for nearly a year now, my partner bought me a consultation for my birthday as I had been suffering for years with my back as I have hyper Kyphosis and now lordosis.  I met Manny and he put me at ease from the word go, he reassured me that although he is unable to cure my Kyphosis, they would be able to ease  the debilitating symptoms that I was experiencing which in turn was affecting my job as a nurse.  I had my x-rays and scan and it showed how severe the curve in my spine was and the stress on my back and discs.

I started coming 3 times a week, reducing to 2 times and was then x-rayed again and rescanned, it showed that my back was a lot straighter and people had noticed this and the stress on my back had improved dramatically. I could feel the difference after the first 6 – 8 weeks and although coming that many times was a huge commitment fitting into my busy schedule it was worth every minute.  I now come once every 2 weeks and look very much forward to every session and my back feels immediately better after the adjustment.  My health has changed dramatically since coming to Precision and although I will always have my condition being able to live with it in appositive way means everything.

Thank you to everyone at Precision and to all the staff for making me feel welcome and at ease.

Nicola Hambleton, 2nd September 2019

“Before I came to Precision Chiropractic I had been suffering neck pain for a good few years. I also had pins and needles in my right hand and the pain was keeping me awake. I could not turn my head to the right when driving. I was taking pain relief daily which did not really have much effect and it was getting worse.

I went to my family doctor and was sent to the hospital for a scan. I received a telephone call from the doctor a week later saying there was no point in me coming into the surgery as there is nothing they can do for my neck pain, It was down to wear and tear. The advice I was given was to keep walking my dogs!
I spoke to a friend and she recommended Precision Chiropractic. I saw Dr Manny Azizi and started a course of treatment. He explained they would not be able to fix the permanent damage but could certainly free up the nerves and stop it from getting worse. Most of the damage had been done by spending over 20 years working at a desk.

It has now been 6 months and the pain is virtually non-existent. I no longer have pins and needles in my hand and can also turn my head easily when driving. I do not need pain relief and can sleep all night without waking in discomfort.
All I can say is that Dr Manny is a miracle worker. I never thought these results could have been achieved, before I came in I felt like a very old lady. I am 58 and have always been active.

I only wish I had discovered Precision Chiropractic years earlier and recommend them very highly.”

Brenda Blann, 2nd May 2019

“I was suffering from a slipped disc (MRI showed between L4&L5) and I could not function without taking the strong pain killer Tramadol 4 times a day. My neurosurgeon recommended spinal surgery (micro discectomy) but I was afraid of complications, so I opted for an epidural injection instead. After 1 month, there was no major improvement from the injection, only 15% at most of pain reduction. My neurosurgeon and I agreed that I should try chiropractic treatment.

Dr Mary did some scans and x-rays then scheduled me for 3 times per week. After the 2nd week, there was major improvement; half of the pain was gone. I have totally stopped taking tramadol after 3 weeks of therapy and I can now walk, sit and stand for long periods of time, unlike before- 15 minutes of any of these would give me pain right away. I am very happy and thankful for the therapy I received from Dr Mary at Precision Chiropractic.”

Angelito Lumba, 8th February 2018

“My name is Hugh Ruthven, I am a 56 year old man who has spent the last 40 years in the construction industry. I am a time severed ADV Coded pipe fitter welder. This trade consists of a lot of lifting and carrying large pipes and fittings around building sites.

For those of you that have never worked on a building site, I would say only scaffolders have to lift and carry more than pipe fitters with the added problem that you tend to carry most on your right shoulder. Over time your spine totally bends to the right side.

When I first went to see Dr Manny (recommended by a colleague) I could hardly walk or perform normal daily tasks. I had just been away on holiday where I had a total back spasm when I bent down to tie my trainers up. After the first meeting with the x-rays and scans, he confirmed that I had done permanent damage to my lower spine and that couldn’t be repaired but with Manny’s treatment we could manage the situation. I agreed to his programme and he told me that after a few weeks, I will be able to start basic exercises and start swimming again. I have now joined adult swimming lessons at Cheam pool and I cannot believe the difference!

Dr Manny’s treatment and knowledge has helped my life in general and basic fitness and life style. Being able to swim again and walk without a limp has revitalised me! My family and friends cannot believe the different in my general health and how much happier I am in general.”

Hugh Ruthven, 23rd March 2017

“I thank my lucky stars I found Precision Chiropractic.

I’m 33. I was told by a holistic medical practitioner at 15 that I had scoliosis. Of course I had no back problems then and didn’t know what I could do to fix it so I just ignored this prognosis. As I got older I began to have back problems however I hurt my back badly at 16, again at 20 resulting in needing cortisone shots and narcotics. Then every year at least once a year I would hurt it again. I wouldn’t be able to walk for days the pain was so bad. I went to a chiropractors and they would do ‘adjustments’ and invariably I would feel better afterwards, but then months later I would be back on their massage tables with the same problem. I exercised and ate well, but I felt completely out of control of my body and health: not a good feeling.

Finally I got lucky. I hurt my back doing practically nothing and afterwards I KNEW something was very deeply wrong with it, and by pure luck I found Precision Chiropractic. Initially I expected some simple adjustments to mitigate my pain like all the other clinics. But Dr. Azizi took X-rays and measurements of my spine: the first to do so after countless trips to the hospital and other ‘chiropractors’. He diagnosed me with quite severe disc degeneration due to the scoliosis (really it was just a slight practically imperceptible tilt on my X-ray) and suggested I undergo a lengthy and expensive rehabilitation regime. Needless to say I was sceptical. My father who is an orthopaedic surgeon with a fellowship in the spine looked at my X-rays and told me that my ‘tilt’ cannot cause disc degeneration, that my degeneration was completely normal for someone my age, and that there was nothing that I could do about it except have surgery in 10+ years to fuse my spine. I have seen spinal fusion patients and their reduced mobility impacts them negatively in many ways. I did not want to end up like that and have the unthinkable risks of back surgery.

Despite my father’s reservations and given the clinic’s refund policy, I thought I would give it a try and see how it went, and cancel if I felt I wasn’t improving significantly. Amazingly after the first couple of sessions it felt like I was in a new body. I hadn’t realized it but my body had been an awkward leaning tower of Pisa and it was finally straightening out again. My back felt ‘right’ for the first time since I could remember. The constant low-grade discomfort/pain that I had had went away, and it continues to get better. I decided that my father was wrong and I stuck with the treatment and I can safely say that I will continue it for the foreseeable future. If you are thinking of doing it, go for it, and listen to your body as to whether it’s right for you. You will know. A final word of advice, try to do the traction everyday rather than the ‘recommended’ weekly minimums. It will keep your back in better condition between adjustments and speed up your recovery. I hope it works as well for you as it has for me.”

Troy, 10th December 2016

“When I first visited Manny for an assessment in May 2015, I was shocked to see and learn how much my spine had deteriorated since my stroke in November 2003.

I have been told that when I walked I leant to the left because the stroke had weakened my left side. The x-rays confirmed that my spine was indeed curved to the left, my neck curved forward, and although several of my spinal vertebrae were misaligned and worn, the one at the base of my spine was crushed. This explains the constant pain I felt at the base of my back across my shoulders. It was necessary for me to halt the deterioration of my spinal vertebrae and straighten my spine and reverse the forward curvature of my neck.

Following a series of corrective adjustments of 2 days a week for six weeks with an interim assessment in July, scans showed that the deterioration in my spinal vertebrae had slowed down, I was not leaning to the left and my neck was not as rigid as before. The maintenance at home over the next eight weeks increased my flexibility and the x-ray in September showed me that the deterioration in my spinal vertebrae in the base of my spine has been halted.

As a consequence of the treatment I am now more conscious of my posture, recognising when I’m not holding myself upright. I have raised the level of my desktop computer screen so I no longer lean forward. I am also able to turn my neck to the left without shifting my whole body.

Had I not visited precision chiropractic spinal health and undergone the treatment, in time my spine would have been ruined as its misalignment would have continued, the vertebrae and the base of my spine would have been completely worn and my body would have been in pain. I may have required surgery to correct my spinal vertebrae. The reverse is now true. I’m pleased with the progress made and the knowledge I have gained. I would recommend precision chiropractic spinal health to anyone who experiences back pain. You need to know what is going on inside of you.”

Winston Trew, 6th October 2015
“My name is Linda, I’m 48 years young. I have lived with a curvature of the spine since my teens. When I asked my GP to improve my spine I was told nothing could be done. I have given up on receiving any help to improve my posture. When I heard about precision chiropractic I didn’t hesitate to go for consultation but felt very sceptical. Even when I was told it could be improved I found it hard to believe.

Before treatment I was unable to sit straight for any length of time and felt very conscious of developing a curved spine. I was also unable to lie flat on my back without pain and discomfort. Since my treatment my spine has improved 75%. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I feel more confident and can now continue my gym classes and Pilates, which I enjoyed to increase my energy levels.

My family friends and work colleagues have commented how well I look since my treatment. My new improved posture and shape I’m confident has encouraged me to travel more. I can now go trekking in Peru, fulfilling a lifetime ambition.

Thank you to all the staff Precision Chiropractic!”

Linda Pritchard, 19th June 2014
“After many years of back pain I was finally diagnosed with a rotational spinal scoliosis (and spinal syrinx – an increase of fluid around my spinal nerve as my body tried to cushion itself against scoliosis) in 2005.

Being rotational I was advised it could not be operated on and I was told by the NHS and private doctors that I should just get on with my life- nothing could be done.

My main problem day-to-day is with my right shoulder. The shoulder blade protrudes noticeably and causes me a great deal of pain as it was being pushed out of alignment by my scoliosis. Some days I was in so much pain that I struggled with day-to-day tasks; getting out of bed, washing my hair and going to work. I also suffered from chest and hip pain, which I assumed was due to muscles being under pressure as everything moved out of alignment. I did not expect anyone could help me and when my sister recommended Dr Manny at precision chiropractic I did not have high hopes.

During my first session Dr Manny examined me and took x-rays and scans, he advised that he can help and I started to see him twice a week as we commenced the correction process. Within the first four weeks I was amazed by the results. The pain I had felt every day for years was reduced dramatically. My boyfriend started commenting on how my shoulder blade was no longer jutting out, that it was now visibly flatter and I’m surprised to realize I could no longer feel the pain of it pulling out of alignment. Today my discomfort is minimal, my shoulder blade is hugely improved and most importantly my scans illustrate not only how much my condition has improved (I can feel these improvements) but that the future problems I would have faced such as slipped discs, hip and knee replacements as well as organs not functioning as they should (due to my central nervous system being affected by my spinal condition). These are all the things I no longer have to worry about!

When I first came to precision chiropractic I was told that back care is something that everyone should do, just like going to the dentist. After the help I have received from Dr Manny and the results I’ve experienced I cannot agree more.”

Julia, 25th January 2013
“I have had scoliosis since I was born but it wasn’t diagnosed until I came to precision chiropractic after years of being told my back pains were growing pains from my local GP

Before coming here I was in agonising pain every day but that soon changed even after very few adjustments. I never used to be able to go two days without an adjustment or feeling pain but thanks to Manny’s hard work I’m now able to go two weeks without adjustments, and feel very little, if not any pain in between.

I would recommend precision chiropractic to anyone thinking of talking to a chiropractor. They changed my quality of life for the better and I’m very grateful for everything they have done.”

Emma, Age 15, 10th July 2013
“Four months ago I was in agony. I had serious back pain since December 2011 which had affected not only my full-time tennis training but also my everyday actions such as walking and sitting, things which I had always taken for granted. The discomfort had finally got the better of me and after months of disappointment with physio’s and NHS doctors I was finally giving up. One day on my way to school I noticed Precision Chiropractic out of the bus window. I knew then I had to try it, nothing else had helped, and so I backtracked from school, and hobbled from the bus stop into Precision Chiropractic.
I was welcomed by a warm smiling receptionist who told me I’d come to completely the right place. Though sceptical, boy did you prove me wrong! She booked a meeting with Dr Manny within a few weeks.

We discussed my pain, any posture problems and then continued to x-ray and thermal scan my entire spine. The results clearly showed a phase 2 slipped disc which frightens me as I thought it sounded very detrimental to my tennis career, although Dr Manny was confident he could help. After months of advice, kind and efficient treatment, I finally had a re x-ray. The results were astonishing, my spine misalignment had been entirely cured, and my neck was now back in the right place. I attended my sessions diligently and used my traction wedge very often. Without the knowledge and care of Dr Manny I am confident I would still be none the wiser about my pain. I’m now over two months pain-free and have played tennis with Dr Manny at my side to support me and make sure I had no discomfort and will soon be returning to doing what I love every day.

Thank you Dr Manny and all the team at precision chiropractic.”

Charles, 3rd August 2012

“I have had scoliosis since I turned 12 years old, tried every possible technique such as physio, massage, acupuncture etc, but it was always temporary. I was told my scoliosis can’t improve hence I need to try to live with it. So I did until my lower back pain, spasms and sciatica started to bother me 3 years ago. Working with children especially didn’t help. One day I was browsing the internet for another alternative technique and found a great deal in chiropractic clinic with Dr Manny. I gave it a go even though I knew it was going to cost me a little bit more. It was my last cry for help. As I study nutrition myself I know how important the spine is for lots of organic nervous systems and other health conditions. After seeing my exam and chat that we can improve my posture, even improve the scoliosis, I knew that this was the place to be. After finishing my 3 months corrective programme I couldn’t be happier, my scoliosis halved, pain free, even my OCD improved. I just wish I knew about this a long time ago and could have spared myself so much pain and stress. Dr Manny is truly committed to his patients well being and listened when concerned and shared and offered guidance and explanation. Very professional work team, always friendly and helpful. Will miss them when finish coming every 6 months. Good luck in future.”

Michaela, 8th July 2012

“My very first treatment resulted in the loosening of my sciatic nerve (right side) even though that was not initially the intended results. I literally threw away my stick and walked- it’s a modern day miracle. My whiplash injuries have improved to such a degree that I am now down from 3 treatments per week to one every month. X-rays have shown a reversal of my condition- the spaces between the vertebrae in my neck have widened and I am now looking forward to a complete cure. By the way I am 74. My friends have noticed a change in my posture and energy and creativity (I’ve been writing poems). I have recommended the clinic to friends.”

Esther, 7th July 2012

“After years of sporting injuries and numerous visits to osteopaths I decided to visit Precision Chiropractic and meet with Dr Manny. The first thing I noticed was how professional and caring all the staff were and immediately felt in good hands. The consultation showed a number of issues which had plagued me for years and a schedule of treatment was put to me. Within a few weeks of the programme schedule I felt 100% better as the pain and discomfort was slowly reduced. I now am much more flexible and more importantly now understand my problems rather than just get them treated. I can’t praise Dr Manny enough and will continue to see him on a monthly basis. Many thanks to you all. Best wishes.”

Neil Spinney, 27th June 2012

“I knew that chiropractors helped people with bad backs, but I never knew how important spinal care really is. I am 6 foot 8 so have some postural issues, but otherwise I considered myself young, fit and normal. Dr Mary taught me about how subluxations can affect my whole body, and following a few appointments I felt incredibly good. All my minor ‘irks’ and minor illnesses have disappeared. Excellent feel great.”

Philip, 24th May 2012

“Just being able to settle down and sleep without having to keep adjusting my position for my neck. Feeling more alive in the mornings.”

Sue, 7th April 2012
“I was diagnosed with having scoliosis after an X-Ray & Scan at the hospital last year after complaining about serious back pain & neck pain. I felt so useless and helpless and have often asked myself “is this it”, am I really going downhill? I felt depressed at times that I can’t do anything I used to love to do. I like attending craft classes & putting into practice what I’ve learnt when finished. I’ve also given up massage as it’s causing me more back problems. But my luck has changed. By chance I saw Dr Manny and his “staff” at St Nicholas centre nearly 4 weeks ago and I stopped to be nosy. I asked what it was all about and after someone explaining & a brief consultation I decided to go ahead with treatment with no idea what’s about to be done with me. After an X-Ray and & Scan I started receiving the treatment and gradually I felt that my back pain has gradually improved. I have noticed that I can do things again; feel much better in myself. I can focus better on things I have to do. I even sleep better, I’m an early riser, due to my husband’s job. Now once he leaves at 5am, I can go back to sleep again, I now have to set the alarm clock in case I fall back to sleep. I am more cheerful, started my walking exercise, which I love to do and more positive in many ways. And I don’t have to take pain killers & rub ointments! These adjustments have really improved my well-being thanks to Dr Manny and Dr Mary.”
Mercedes Gomez, 2011

“I think Precision Chiropract is very good because I think it has changed me a lot. I like Manny, Mini Manny Marvin, Kate and Maryam they are all very helpful because I get to talk to Mini Manny and Kate when my mum and brother are having adjustments. I also like the chocolates they give me. I have been here since 2008 and really like it.”

“Thank you very much for changing me.”

Lauren Rance, 27th March 2010

“Over the months I have noticed a great reduction in symptoms- no pain killers required, can shop longer without noticing lower back pain. Generally feel increased energy and mobility”

Sheila, 6th April 2009

“I began receiving Chiropractic treatment back in 2002. I was in terrible pain having had a prolapsed disc. Due to this I was walking awkwardly, found it difficult to get in and out of cars, going up and down steps was difficult, I could not sit down for long periods and I had lost confidence. When I had my x-rays done it was clear I also had fairly severe arthritis in my back and neck. I was devastated at the news as I was only 40 and was attempting to live a very active life bringing up 3 children and working! Needless to say I was recommended to go three times a week for chiropractic treatment! It took time but was extremely successful! Over the years I went from three times a week to twice then once and I now go once every 3 weeks. I am fully capable of living the active life I so desired. My arthritis gives me little if no trouble at all and I feel fit and healthy. I am rarely ill and if I do catch the latest cold/flu etc. I tend to recover quickly. I am delighted with the benefits of health I receive from Chiropractic Treatment and the advice given on health and fitness issues. The staff are always friendly and welcoming and I intend to continue with treatment to ensure I go through my ‘older’ years as easily as possible.”

Pauline, 2nd April 2009

“While it is too early to tell if there is any long term improvement, physically and psychologically I feel much more energetic, my headaches have all but gone and my body aches less. More than anything, the kindness and care the staff give has been excellent. I wish I had found this service sooner! Moreover I feel much more positive about myself and my future.”

Jo, 30th March 2009

“After having very healthy twins: 7lb 8oz & 7lb 7oz, my body started to feel very tired.  I suffered from severe migraines and sciatica. Since having treatment I have got rid of my headaches and have much more energy.  I feel the clinic are always here to help me or my family (including my twins ages 4).”

Anita, 28th March 2009

“Since coming to the clinic my health is so much better. I take less tablets for headaches and shoulder pain. My sleep is much better, i can move without pain and my energy levels have increased.”

Ann, 28th March 2009